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August 2, 2011 / thetwobrains

Warung Made Weti, Sanur

Located by Segara Beach, Made Weti is a household name for great Balinese mix rice. Every morning people queue, even before the shop opens at 9am and most of the times the foods are finished before 1pm. Served with white ice, the main dish is shredded coconut chicken, topped with extras such as braised pork, hard-boiled egg, sate lilit (mince fish satay), vegetable (a mix of tapioca leaves, bean sprouts and bitter gourd), fried peanuts and chicken skin crackers. On lucky days, you might be able to try their black squid or fish. A must-try if you don’t mind your food served by bare hand.

Location: Segara Beach Sanur. Enter from Segara Village, at the end of the road (right side)

Price: IDR 15,000 for one portion of mix rice

July 31, 2011 / thetwobrains

Warung Italia

There are many Italian restaurants in Bali, and this place is one of those deserved to be on the list of must-review and must-visit. Warung Italia offers delightful yet affordable Italian cuisine, amidst the chic location and the surrounding of high-end cafés and boutiques. The restaurant has a laid back atmosphere, dim lit with simple wooden setting, definitely cozy without being pretentious. They served good authentic Italian, with wide range of selection, in generous portion. My favourite would be the Aglio e Olio. It appeared bland and unappetizing but looks can be deceiving. A mixture of generous garlic, right amount of olive oil, and al denté spaghetti makes a good aglio olio, and this follow that rule. Simple but not easy. They served it plain, but you can order with extra bacon or other ingredients to your liking. Other pasta like carbonara, seafood spaghetti (served with a small crab), or their ravioli also nice. They have kick-ass pizza too (pictured is Salami, but our favourite is Formaggi with 4 types of cheese topping), come in two size regular and family (slightly bigger than 50cm, pictured). There are selection of ready cooked foods too, a la nasi campur (mix rice) where you point your food and get it serve right away to you. Gelato and other Italian desserts (eg. tiramisu, etc) also available.

Location: Jl. Kunti, Off Jl. Raya Seminyak or get in from Sunset Road

Price: Pizza from IDR 50,000 – IDR 75,000 for regular size (family size double price). Pasta from IDR 25,000 – IDR 45,000. Drinks from IDR 4,000 – up

July 30, 2011 / thetwobrains

Sindhu Beach, Sanur: Pork Satay

We can’t never get enough of satay, and Bali offers plenty of choices for this particular dish. From the most common chicken and mutton satay, to fish, and of course pork satay. One that we love too much would be this pork satay sold at Sindhu/Sanur Beach. Starting from 3pm daily, few vendors will set up their stall in this beach area, selling satay, grilled corn, and some other tidbits. We can chill out by the sea, enjoying the breeze and watching the sky turns desaturated (Sanur doesn’t have sunset), while enjoying these cheap and good snacks. Our favourite will be the satay, sold by this particular auntie (second picture). Her satay is the nicest among all, not too dry, yet not too sweet for our tastebuds (we tried the other two sellers). We can order with tipat (rice cake) or without, and even can ask her to make the portion according to how much you want to spend.

Location: Sindhu Beach, come in from Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel, Sanur

Price: IDR 7,000 for normal portion consisting of 6 satay sticks and tipat (rice cake) 

July 20, 2011 / thetwobrains

Sate Plecing Arjuna

For a small eateries, this warung is incredibly busy around the clock. We got there around 3pm, and it is still packed, even when we’re about to leave. Not surprisingly, they only serve four dishes: beef satay, pork satay, beef soup, and bakwan soup. Of course, the famous dish is the pork satay with plecing sauce (which means chopped chili sauce). We tried both pork and beef satay, but much prefer the pork as they are tender and has the natural pork sweetness – which is wonderfully paired with the spicy sauce, while the beef ones are rather hard and dry – and just spicy. The beef soup is nice though, clear yet flavorful with generous tender beef bits. For those who can’t take spicy foods, don’t fret as they also serve sweet satay gravy for alternative. Open from 7am – 5pm.

Location: Corner of  Jl. Arjuna Denpasar

Price: IDR 12,000 for one portion of satay (10 sticks), IDR 13,000 for the soup, drinks from IDR 3,000



July 19, 2011 / thetwobrains

Warung Krishna: Nasi Campur Ayam Bali

Located in a quiet Sanur neighbourhood, Warung Khrisna is a cozy eating place with open garden setting. Dubbed as one of the best nasi campur ayam (mixed chicken rice) in the area, the place is always packed during lunch. The nasi campur consist of white rice, balinese shredded chicken, egg slice, vegetable, sate lilit (minced fish satay), completed with the delicious sambal matah (balinese chili onion),peanuts, and chicken skin crackers. We can also replace the rice with porridge, or tipat (rice cake)served with chicken broth, topped with the same ingredients (second picture). Open for breakfast 7am-5pm.

Location: Jl. Kutat Lestari, Sanur

Price: IDR 17,000 – 20,000 /person incl. drink

July 10, 2011 / thetwobrains

Warung D’Sawah Kerobokan

Tucked in a row of stone carving shops in Kerobokan, with a rather unattractive small sign, and completed with cheesy name (D’sawah means the – and double as ‘di (at)’- paddy field), this restaurant is a hidden gem. It just looks like a small parking lot from the outside, but once inside you’ll be surprised by the size of their backyard, completed with unblocked view of unlimited paddy field. They serve western and local dishes, but Balinese food is recommended. We ordered Betutu Chicken (whole). It’s a dish of free-range chicken, cooked in Balinese yellow sauce, served with egg, sate lilit (fish satay), soup and vegetable. It is recommended for 1-2 persons, but actually fed our group of 4 as a good light lunch. For drinks, other than the usual list, they do served Kopi Luwak or chivet coffee.

Location: Jl. Raya Kerobokan (about 30m ahead from Lio Square, Canggu direction)

Price: Food from IDR 30,000 per person. Drink IDR 5,000 – up

July 10, 2011 / thetwobrains

Luthu’s Coffee Sanur

When you’re in Sanur/Sindhu Beach, drop by this small café by the beach. They claimed to serve ‘the best coffee in Bali’ and yes, they don’t disappoint. We ordered latte (left), cappuccino and lemon cheesecake. The coffee is perfectly bitter, not runny nor too thick; has the strong nice aroma, and come beautifully in a big serving. The lemon cheesecake, creamy and soft, with fresh citrus sourness. The biscuit base of the cheesecake is nicely crumbly. Other cakes and pastries are also available (brownies, pie tarts, banana cakes, etc). For the record, they’re #1 on Tripadvisor’s Restaurant in Sanur. Open 7am – 7pm.

Location: Sindhu Beach Sanur

Price: IDR 23,000 for Cappuccino/Latte. Other drinks IDR 20,000 – up. Cakes IDR 17,000 – up